Tall log stores

We have three designs of log stores in the tall design, this one stores around 1 cubic mtr of cut logs.


The Arbour seat can double as a seat in the summer and a log store in winter; it will store around 1.5cubic mtrs of logs.

woodstores.co.uk arbour_1

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Wood Store with living roof

To have a flat roof with a bin store or log store you could add a living roof. Planted up with shallow rooted plants (some herbs perhaps, for a kitchen garden) so any rain waters the plants. At the back we put a small drainage pipe so the plants don’t end up swimming. This one with doors could be used for either storing logs or as a bin store.


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Log Store with Living Roof

This was a bespoke log store for a lady who wanted a living roof. Based on our long log store design, this roof is slightly slanted but it can be made flat. This design would cost around £430 and as always would be delivered fully constructed, ready in this case to set up the living roof part.


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Log store 180 x 132

Our newest design log store will store 1.25cubic mtrs of logs, and is 180cm high, 120 wide inside, and 132cm at the widest point of the roof. The top is protected by lead flashing in a scallop design, the under side of the roof has a waterproof membrane. Finished in an oil based stain light brown.



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Bespoke Log Stores

Whether you need a log store to fit a small space, or need a large log store to store huge amounts of wood, Andrew at Woodstores can build one for you. Email the size you would like and include a postcode please, or give Sadie a phone call. Have a look here at the gallery of wood stores where you will see some of the different shapes and sizes we have made.

Dark brown log store with bin store

Log store with bin store in one build. Dark brown finish

Wood Store

large bespoke log store

bespoke log store

L shape log store

Small wood store

Log store for small patio



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Arbour garden seat

This pretty garden seat is hand made, designed and made by us. We deliver it ready to put in place and be used. This can be made to bespoke sizes although to get the beautiful sweeping curved roof it needs some height.

The height of the seat can be changed too, so if you would prefer it positioned higher or lower just let me know. And if you want it in a pretty colour that can also be arranged!

Garden seat made by woodstores.co.uk arbour_1 arbour_2

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Lovely bespoke log store

This was a very bespoke build which needed to fit between the upright fence posts and then just cover the vertical fence post at the top, and luckily it fitted perfectly. The depth is just 42cm, with the base being 34cm to store one row of large logs. It cost less than £400 delivered.

The new owner is such a lovely man, we delivered it this morning, he must have loaded the logs straight away as he kindly sent me this picture before Andrew was even back from delivering! We think it looks really lovely.



Bespoke log store from http://www.woodstores.co.uk

If you need a bespoke log store email me sadie@woodstores.co.uk or give me a call


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